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Foshan Kayson Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. is an enter-prise that focuses on the research and development, production and sales of female sanitary napkins, panty liners, and baby diapers. Covering an area of 100 acres, with a construction area of 126,000 square meters, 

Kayson’s plant is designed with production processes of international standard and environmental protection concepts. Boasting its large scale and standardization, it is a modern industrial plant with reasonable layout and a certain influence in the industry.

Kayson has perfected a complete management struc-ture, has cultivated a highly-educated professional team with high competence for product development and strict quality control. Being the home to nearly 60 high-speed automated production lines, Kayson is capable of an output of more than one billion pads per year.
Kayson has developed products of various specifications to cater to the needs of the markets, and has cultivated its own brands such as Xiaoni, U. Style. These products are loved by consumers and sold well at home and abroad with their widely recognized high quality. In addition, Kayson also has established strategic production and sales partners in a long run.
Our Company

Culture of Kayson

Under the wise leadership of the chairman, Kayson’s employees, who boast diligence, hard work and innovation, have cultivated in-depth insight into the market, seized opportunities, and made decisive decisions, thus leading a high-quality, experienced and professional core team, which include management, elite sales team, senior engineer-ing technicians, backbone R&D team and front-line production workers. 

Under the scientific, professional, systematic, and effective management system, a vigorous and hard-working team with the shared orientation and mutual support has thus formed to steadily move forward together.
What Makes Kayson, Kayson!

Our Mission Statement


Our Vision

Committed to becoming an innovative leader in the sanitary products industry.


Our Mission

Provide high-quality, safe and healthy hygiene products to consumers around the globe.


Our Spirit

Hard work, unity and cohesion, innova-tion and change, pursuit of excellence.
Our Quality

Our Certifications

Our History

Company Timeline


The first sanitary products manufacturer in Guangdong and the second one across China was established.


Functional blue chips and green chips with ADL were developed and applied to the sanitary napkins for the first time.


The sanitary napkins for day use with an expanded rear part were developed with success, which helped to eliminate consumers’ worries about back leakage.


The extra-long sanitary napkins for night use with a strip of raised and centered core structure were developed to further tackle with the issues of back leakage.


The process of cutting absorbent layer in pantyliner was developed to greatly expand the possibility of varied outlook design of products.


The first-ever invisible wing design within the industry was developed to make the products more attractive and practical.


Foshan Kayson Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. was established.


Foshan Nanhai Xiqiao Qifeng Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. was established.


The sanitary napkin series with pure cotton top sheet made its debut with the aim of providing consumers with more comfortable experience.


Kayson was identified as the National High-tech Enterprise.


The sanitary napkin with top sheet made from natural bamboo fiber was developed to empower the napkins; Kayson was licensed by the Department of Science and Techno-logy of Guangdong Province as the Guangdong Research Center of Engineering Technology for High-end and Novel Sanitary Napkins.


Newly developed sanitary napkins with suspension structure of the top sheet came into the market, receiving unanimous good reputation from the consumers.


Kayson introduced the foreign advanced sanitary napkin production lines, grasping the top technology within the hygiene industry.

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No. 38, Baiye Avenue, Science and Technology Industrial Park, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

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