Kayson made a stunning appearance at the 2020 CIDPEX in Nanjing!

From September 24 to 26, 2020, the 27th China International Disposable Paper Expo was held at the International Expo Center in Nanjing.

As a competent domestic manufacturer of sanitary products, Foshan Kayson was invited to participate in this exhibition and brought with its two major brands, Xiaoni and U.Style, to make a stunning appearance!

The guests who came to Kayson’s booth today included leaders from the China National Household Paper Industry Association, the Government of Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and Foshan Kayson Hygiene Products Co., Ltd., as well as those partners who have given Foshan Kayson strong support for a long time.

This year, starting from the needs of modern women and considering women’s pursuit of softness, we have specially created a “laboratory of feminine life for women”. The overall color is refreshing sky blue, which not only highlights the lightness and softness, but also indicates the clean nature of hygienic products.

The excellent product quality has attracted many customers for OEM to consult.

In the brand laboratory, we demonstrated Kayson’s raw materials and production technology to the public, allowing everyone to intuitively experience Kayson’s R&D competence and innovative ideas.

The exquisite design of booth and product display attracted the attention of many visitors.

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